A Big Enough Lie

Named by the Guardian one of the best books of 2015.

Named by Literary Hub one of the most important books of the last twenty years.

"...poignant, hilarious, and superbly detailed...a paean to writing and reading disguised as a condemnation of modern culture - and a depiction of literary fraud that's completely authentic and original." 

Curtis Sittenfeld, Entertainment Weekly

"Bubbling throughout A Big Enough Lie is an exhortation to reconsider the qualities we have been trained to value in literature. What if invention and exploration were more esteemed than testimonies of personal struggle? What might the novel be capable of - aesthetically and politically - if it broke out of its obsessively curated pigeonholes of first-person experience?" 

Sam Sacks, Harper's 

"Bennett knows this is his moment, and he wants to put everything in. American imperialism? Check. American racism? Check. The mendacity of the media? Yup. Adolescence and unrequited love? It's there. The disappointment of success? You know it." 


"...as truthful a book about the Iraq calamity as there is to read."

Nathan Webster, The Rumpus